Worth a Thousand Words

It’s photo day at Girls in White! I promised you pictures of my Dea-ncing with the Stars adventure, and today I’m going to deliver. I feel a little self-concious. Have you ever had one of those “naked in a crowded room” dreams? Yeeps! My heart flutters just thinking about it. Thankfully, there were no wardrobe malfunctions at our gala evening. 🙂 Enjoy!

Here’s a photo of all the dancers lined up. There were six teams comprised of a professional and a participant each. It was a very eclectic evening! The dances ranged from hip-hop to old school (Michael Jacksonesque) to ballroom.

This was taken while we were being introduced. Note the shoes. Yes, I danced in those. And I didn’t fall! Woot-woot!!!

An action shot. I think this is called a crossover. Or a doo-hickey. Either way.

A shot of the judges: a dance instructor, a journalist, and Bob Vander Plaats, an Iowa politician. They look like they’re having fun, don’t they?

Last but not least, the winning couple. They were spectacular. Especially considering that the “participant” was a local pastor who pulled a muscle on the very first big move of their dance. Poor guy! What a great sport.

*     *     *

Hope you liked the pictures! Want to see some more? These photos aren’t dance related, but I think you’ll find them interesting all the same. A friend of mine, Doris Fleck, recently wrote an article about Beneath the Night Tree for an Alberta newspaper called City Light News. Anyway, in honor of the article she also featured two blog posts about my writing process and the importance of my first-draft editor. Wanna see the amazing man who proofreads and critiques every page of my books? I’d be lost without him… To read an article with bits of my interview, click here. To read about Todd, click here. You won’t be disappointed! And while you’re there, say “hi” to Doris for me. 🙂

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