What a Ride

My blog schedule is totally out of whack. Posting? On a Thursday? After leaving you hanging last Friday? So sue me. It’s been a busy couple of days… I’m sure you can relate. 😉

I feel a little unsettled right now, and I think it’s because I haven’t written in a very long time. I get nervous and antsy when I’m not regularly putting pen to paper, but a series of events in my publishing world have conspired against my creative process. I’m the queen of editing instead of the princess of prose. Did I just write that? Oh. My. Word. I need to get back to writing. Please, shoot me if I ever write anything like that again.

I won’t lie: it’s been nice to have a bit of a break. The last few months I’ve been able to really plug into my family and my home. I’ve caught up on photo albums, tended our gardens, painted and decorated and made sure our house was always scented with the aroma of something delicious in the oven (or our yard was laced with the smell of burgers, steaks, barbecue chicken…). But I’m one of those people that works better under pressure. The more irons I have in the fire, the happier and more productive I am. I can’t help but wonder why that is. Why I thrive on having an assortment of different shaped irons in the fire.

My parents were recently on a mini-vacation and happened across a quirky wall-hanging in the window of a store. My dad snapped a picture of it with his phone because he thought it was so inspiring.

Don’t you just love it? It’s a bit of a bulky life-motto, but I’m adopting it as mine all the same. Our time here is fleeting, and I feel like I grasp that truth a little more with every passing year. I remember when I thought the world would end at 30! Guess what, I’m still here. And I still believe what I held to be true back then: That life is too short to waste sleeping or resting or taking a break.

These last few months I’ve been able to catch my breath, but I am more than ready to be breathless again. Writing, running, laughing, playing, living, dancing, hoping, dreaming, planing, wishing… Take my breath away. I want to skid in sideways, screaming, “Woo-hoo! What a ride!”

How about you? Do you long for a rollercoaster life? Or would you prefer to watch the scenery from a picnic blanket in the shade? I love both, but personally I’m more of a thrill seeker…

the good life

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