Weekend Reading

I’m a single mom for the next week+, and I’m in the market for some good books! I just finished Juliet by Anne Fortier and absolutely loved it. It took me a while to get good and into it (I usually read multiple books at a time to keep myself engaged), but once the story picked up (right about the time an unexpected character was introduced) I couldn’t put it down.

I won’t lie. I think a lot of my passion for this modern retelling of Shakespeare’s famous story stemmed from my teaching days. You can’t be a high school English teacher and not have a love affair (from torrid to tame) with the bard. Although A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favorite of his plays, Romeo and Juliet was my favorite to teach. I loved how the tragedy evoked strong emotions in my students (horror, anger, frustration, sadness) and how epic debates would ensue about everything from the possibility of love at first sight to the cruelty of fate.

And it was fun to watch the movies. The 1968 Franco Zephirelli version was a great period piece that gave students a feel for what fair Verona might have been like. (And though Romeo is a big of a geek, Juliet is a total babe.)

But I’m a sucker for the Baz Luhrmann film. I’ve seen it more times than I care to admit, and it still makes me catch my breath at certain parts. So raw and violent and jarringly beautiful. And, of course, there’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Can’t go wrong there. He’s uh, very talented.

Hmmm. I may have lost the original vein of this post. Sorry about that. What was my point…? Oh yeah, weekend reading. I recommend Juliet. Now it’s your turn: Have you read a good book lately? I’d love to add it to my TBR pile!

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