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I’m a liar.

Don’t worry, I’m not pathological or anything — I’m more of the garden variety sort of fibber. You know the kind: When my girlfriend gets a hideous haircut and asks me how gorgeous she looks, I manage a weak smile and tell her she’d look like a million bucks bald. Granted, I actually do think she is beautiful no matter what, but did you see how I sidestepped the original question? Or, try this one on for size: When someone asks me how I balance my writing career with parenthood, I grin and say something to the effect of, “It’s wild and crazy, but I love it!” And you know what? It is those things and I do love it, but that’s not the whole truth. The whole truth would take me much longer to explain, and just might include a few tears as I come face to face with how difficult the balancing act really is.

I think we’re all liars. At least, a little…

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Okay, okay, I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop right there. You’ve just read the intro to a blog post I actually wrote for, an online resource for book lovers and (more specifically) book clubs. I just wanted to give you a little teaser so you’d hop on over to their website and check out the rest. Mean, huh?

Anyway, at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, RGG is a fabulous site filled with amazing resources to make your book club experience exceptional. It includes everything from tips on choosing what to read to monthly contests that allow you to register for a chance to win free books and chats with some of your favorite authors. Sweet, eh? I hope I’ve at least piqued your curiosity. Want to read the rest of my Truth and Lies blog post? Just follow the link: Truth and Lies.

And while you’re there, take a peek at the review of Far From Here on Bookreporter, RGG’s sister site. They assert that Far From Here is a great choice for book clubs… I’d have to agree. So much so that I have an entire tab on my website dedicated to Book Clubs. And if your book club decides to read Far From Here, be sure to contact me about the possibility of scheduling a Skype chat with your group. I love talking to book clubs!

Thanks for stopping! Have a fabulous weekend. 🙂

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