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My Philosopher Poet

He may not look like me (he’s the spitting image of his daddy), but my seven-year-old son sure has my spirit. The other day as I was driving him to school, he noticed the silhouette of a full moon in the sky. We’ve talked about the morning moon before, but for some reason it struck him on this particular day.

“Stop! I have a poem,” he told me. Who am I to argue with a first-grade budding poet? I pulled over, got out my trusty notepad and paper, and wrote his poem as he dictated. I thought you might enjoy reading it. Every word is his — all I’ve done is title it and add line breaks (he was talking so fast everything came out in one block sentence). I think he’s amazing (and I’m not prejudiced at all)…

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Morning Moon

There’s always a thing

that is kind of fun

The world spins around

like all the planets

The moon has a light side

and the dark side

comes at the night

I. Baart