Summer Snow

Why are you here?” I whispered, afraid to hear the answer.

She didn’t even pause. “I had a dream that you forgave me.”

Julia DeSmit is finally learning to accept her new life. Optimistic and anxious to begin again after dropping out of college, she is taking fumbling steps down a challenging yet hope-filled road.

But the careful existence Julia has begun to build falls hopelessly to pieces when her estranged mother, Janice, appears on the front porch one icy March night. Mother and daughter have not seen or talked to each other in ten years, and a decade of anger, resentment, and bitterness follows in Janice’s wake, along with a surprise Julia could never have anticipated. Julia is convinced that which is broken cannot be mended. Yet when she faces the very decision her mother did years before, she begins to realize what it means to truly accept grace. Will it be her undoing or the impetus for a change she’d never dared hope for?


  • “In her sophomore outing and excellent follow-up to After the Leaves Fall, Baart continues her saga of Julia DeSmit with the same careful prose and enjoyable storytelling she showed in her debut…Baart communicates deep spiritual themes with a light touch. She also has a knack with characterization, and wise words come from both expected and unexpected places. This is a treat for faith fiction readers, and proves Baart is not just a one-hit wonder.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “Baart’s sequel to After the Leaves Fall is beautifully written. The prose will resonate with readers as the flawed characters speak to our humanity. The author’s grasp on the thought processes and maturity of a young adult Julia is stunning, and she is portrayed incredibly realistically.”

    Romantic Times BOOKreviews
  • “The sequel to After the Leaves Fall, this novel overflows with raw emotion. The characters are incredibly true-to-life, and the poignant storyline…is equally realistic.”

    CBA Retailers + Resources
  • Summer Snow is a gentle whisper to the heart. Each word in this novel trembles with sensitivity and realism as they join together in a language landscape that stretches the reader’s mind with infinite and glorious possibilities.”

    In the Library Reviews
  • “The characters from these two books will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. Nicole Baart has written a wonderful gem and it is not to be missed. I am looking forward to her next novel but until then this book is highly recommended.”
  • “The twists and turns of the plot and the development of the characters are vibrant and real. Summer Snow is another gem among Christian novels. I highly recommend it….”
  • “Oh boy, Nicole Baart has done it again! Summer Snow, the sequel to last year’s amazing After the Leaves Fall, is just as fantastic as its predecessor, if not more so.”
  • The unsurpassed beauty of Nicole’s writing creates an ethereal reading experience. Despite the painful emotions that Nicole exposes, this novel is ultimately a journey of hope, joy, and love that will resonate with me for a long time to come.