Radio Interview

On the day that Far From Here released, I took part in a seven-hour whirlwind radio tour. It was fun but exhausting — one of those experiences that I barely remembered when it was over because it was so fast and furious I didn’t have time to think. When I finally hung up the phone I looked at Aaron and said, “I sure hope I made sense because I have no idea what I said.”

Until today. One of the radio stations (an NPR affiliate in Michigan) uploaded the interview to their site and it happened to ping on my Google alert. So, coffee firmly in hand, I clicked PLAY… And listened to myself give a brief interview about Far From Here and all things writing.

Ugh. Don’t you just hate to hear your own voice? I do. I can hardly stand to leave the message on our answering machine because the sound of my own voice is so strangely unsettling. And I didn’t like some of the things I said… I found myself talking back to the recording, giving suggestions and cues to aid the interview. Alas, to no avail. It is what it is. And it’s…

Not bad. I think I come across better in person than I do over the radio waves, simply because I’m an expressive person when I talk. I paced my house during the interviews, gesturing to no one in particular and punctuating my points with finger raised. But I didn’t “um” the radio personality to death, and I think I communicated with a modicum of poise and lucidity. I think. I hope.

Take a listen if you’re in the mood. You can find the interview on the WGVU Broadcasting site. When you’re done, take a minute to share… Are YOU a good communicator? What is your favorite form of communication? I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I express myself best through writing. I often write letters and then follow them up with face-to-face interaction. But I loathe talking on the phone. How about you?

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