Odds ‘n Ends

Yikes. Has it really been a week since I last posted? Bad, bad me. I’m so sorry. But I do have a really good excuse (a couple of good excuses, actually). Wanna hear them? Alrighty… I was in New York City with my baby and husband. No joke! While I was there I had zero time for blogging. The one night I thought I could squeeze a little post in, my hubby’s computer (the only computer we took along to the Big Apple) contracted 37 viruses. Why? Aaron was downloading a picture of… (wait for it)… a pergola. Yup, one of those lovely, oversized wooden arbors. We were daydreaming about landscaping our backyard. Guess we got a little wild and crazy. And speaking of wild and crazy, by the time we finally got home (around suppertime yesterday) we were exhausted, a little nauseous from a wild flight and too much restaurant food, and pretty stinky. Why were we stinky, you ask? Because our baby got sick on the very first flight of the day and spit-up/puked all over us. Well, all over me, actually. I was wearing a black sweater and you could see the dried snot and spit-up on me from a mile away. You could probably smell it, too. Glamorous, don’t you think? Ah the life of an author… Oh, but my story doesn’t quite end there. Last night around 3 a.m. our oldest came stumbling into our bedroom claiming he was going to throw up, too. Thankfully, he did not have the stomach flu, but he did have a rather impressive bloody nose and left gruesome smears of crimson all over the house. And, when we were cleaning him up we realized that he was burning up–a fever of 102.5 placed him firmly on the Baart family’s official sick bed (the couch with a sheet tucked over it) where he stayed all day today. Well, except for the half hour that I had to take his baby brother to the medical clinic where he was officially diagnosed with ear infection and “obviously some respiratory infection” to boot. RSV? Oh, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of the laundry, household chores, and other responsibilities I’ve let slide. Yikes. That all sounds like a whirlwind even to me.

But before you feel too sorry for me, I should say that New York was awesome. Such a breathtaking city… We walked for miles enjoying the sights downtown (Rockefeller Center, Times Square, all the theaters, shops, and restaurants along Broadway), ate like kings (or, a queen, in my case), toured the Museum of Natural History (it rocked), and even strolled through Central Park on a relatively warm and sunny Saturday afternoon. I also met some amazing people and got to spend time with my spectacular agent. Who could ask for more?

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and explain my absence. I also feel the need to look back for a moment… Last week I posted about my third miscarriage, an anniversary that I can’t help but remember this time of year. You were all so understanding and so gracious, I have to say thanks. I left a comment on the post, but I need to restate my gratitude here: Bless you for your emails, comments, and face-to-face hugs (you know who you are) in light of 5 years ago… What can I say? The body of Christ rocks.

Last, but not least, a peek of what’s in store this week… In a word: photos! So many of you have requested to see pictures of my Dea-ncing with the Stars experience and I’m going to post them this week. I’d also like to share a few New York photos, and explain my new policy regarding graphics on my blog. Stay tuned! And in the meantime, drop me a line. What have YOU been up to this past week? I hope it doesn’t include puke, blood, or antibiotics. 😉


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