NYC in February

I promised it would be a week of photos on Girls in White, and I’m a woman of my word. (Or, at least, I try to be.) But before I share a few pictures of our recent trip to New York, I want to take a minute to explain my new policy for visuals on my blog.

I’m definitely a visual person. I’m drawn to art and photography and color and light. And I love accenting my blog posts with graphics that capture the emotion of what I am trying to verbally convey. However, it was recently brought to my attention that the topic of graphics on the web is a sticky domain. I have never pirated visuals, and I always get my graphics from this site, a stock photo sharing site where you can download pictures for free. But if you read the fine print, even this magnanimous collection of amateur artists isn’t necessarily the safe haven it seems to be: they can’t guarantee that the pictures you download aren’t copyrighted. So, in an effort to be 100% above board (and never find myself in a frivolous lawsuit regarding something as ludicrous as a picture on my blog), I will no longer be using graphics from that site or any other site on the web.

However, being a visual person, the idea of cutting images from my blog entirely hurts my heart. So, here’s what I’d like to do… I have several friends who just so happen to be world class photographers. I’m continually awed by their talent and I’d love a chance to share their work with a wider audience. It struck me that maybe I could use their photos (with their permission of course), and give credit where credit is due by including a byline for each picture I use and a link back to their website, blog, or Facebook page. I’ve already contacted a few people, but if you are a photographer and wouldn’t mind if I occasionally use your pictures (giving you full credit), please shoot me an email ( with a link to your site. I’d love to spread the love around and I’d love to continue using art and photos to enhance my blog posts.

Okay, on to the pics. A few highlights of our trip to New York!

The best part (according to my sweet tooth)? Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. My favorite was a lemon cupcake with a tart filling and coconut cream frosting. Mmmm. So good.

Hangin’ with the wooly mammoth at the Museum of Natural History. Since our big boys weren’t with us, Aaron and I soaked in the dinosaur pavilion and took a million pictures. We wandered from exhibit to exhibit like little kids: “Ooh! Look at the tyrannosaur!”

Baby in Times Square. It was raining so I put a plastic shopping bag over the bottom of our baby’s stroller to keep him dry. Bah! Tourists!

Central Park. It was warmish and beautiful on Saturday and we enjoyed a stroll in the sunshine. I think we looked like real New Yorkers. Who am I kidding? The baby was a dead giveaway. Did I mention there are no babies in New York?!?

*     *     *

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! What are you up to? I’m making marinated ribeyes and tartiflette (a French potato dish that a good friend turned me on to) for some friends. Hope it’s yummy!

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