My Summer

So I’m trying to get back into blogging by taking baby steps. Little, itty-bitty, shuffles in the right direction. Whew. My brain hasn’t worked this hard in three months. Okay, that’s a total lie. I actually had a crazy-busy summer and finished writing and editing not one but two books. That’s, like, a miracle for me — I always said I’d never work on two books at the same time. Just goes to prove that you should never say never. Like I just did.

But I digress.

Back to baby steps.

In case you didn’t know this about me, I used to be a high school English teacher. (Well, Spanish and ESL, too, but because I’m a novelist it sounds better just to claim the English teacher status and leave it at that.) And though I’d like to think I was a fun, creative teacher, I (like most English teachers I know) couldn’t resist the siren call of the classic back-to-school assignment. What did you do on your summer break? Yes, I was boring once or twice and required an actual essay, but more often than not I allowed my students to recall their legendary summer vacation in more creative ways — that may or may not have employed the use of secondhand dresses and a homemade donkey’s head. Don’t ask.

Anyway, it seems fitting to me that I’d break the blogging ice after such a long hiatus with a similar sort of exercise: What did I do this summer break? But it has to be creative. And thus, My Summer: A photo essay with three word descriptions (since I was gone from blogland for three whole months). Enjoy.

Editing, Canadian style.

Backyard Makover: Beginning

Best City Ever

Chillin’ out max…

Backyard Makeover: Middle

Summer snuggles rock.

Backyard Project: Done!

Okay, your turn. I don’t think you can upload a picture to the comments section (although, I’m technologically inept and could be wrong), but I’d love to hear a couple three word descriptions about your summer. What did you do on your summer break?


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