Lord of the Dance

I know, I know. It’s been a while since I posted. Sorry. I’m still recovering from my dancing debut (and grand finale). It’s been a whirlwind two weeks, and though my muscles ache and I’m still trying to catch up on sleep, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. What an amazing experience.

I have to take at least a few minutes to try and unpack some of my Dea-ncing with the Stars experience. I could talk about the long hours or how nervous I was during dress rehearsal. I could replay the event and tell you about how my 2 1/2 inch heel hooked my skirt and ripped a hole in the hem–almost causing a wardrobe malfunction of horrifying proportions. But instead, I think I’ll tell you what I learned. Yup, I learned how to cha-cha. But I walked away with a lot more than that.

I’m not the first (and I won’t be the last) to draw this conclusion, but I’m astounded at how dancing with a partner is a metaphor for the Christian life. Many nights after practice, I’d lay in bed too keyed up to sleep, and marvel at the things that God was teaching me about dancing and about life. Here are just a few…

1 – The dance is hard, hard, hard. It takes a lot of practice and dedication. It requires you to keep working even when you’re tired and spent. It will cause sleepless nights and maybe even make you cry.

2 – The dance is filled with moments of wonder. There will be times that transcend the difficult, that are light and beautiful and laced with laughter. These moments will keep you coming back–even when there are blisters on your feet.

3 – The dance will never be the same thing twice. Try as you might to perfect every move, it is a fluid, volatile thing that will require you to constantly adapt yourself and your expectations. The best thing you can do is try your best and then, as they say, go with the flow…

4 – The dance will always be infinitely easier if you let your partner lead. Stop trying to anticipate the next move. Stop trying to be in control. Lean in to your partner and let him lead you through every step.

5 – The dance is wild and addictive and wonderful. You’ll want to soak it in, live it up, do it again. And again. And isn’t that the point? In life and in dance, my heart thrills to the wonder of learning something new, of pushing myself harder, of jumping headfirst into an adventure.

Your turn. I’m feeling metaphoric today. Anything you’ve learned lately? Any experience God is using to teach you about life, love, laughter? I’d love to hear…


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