Little Broken Things Book Club Theme Party

Hey, friends!

We’re just ONE WEEK from the launch of Little Broken Things! I’m in the mood to party. 😉

One of the main characters in Little Broken Things is not-quite sixty-year-old Liz. She’s the matriarch of the Sanford family and a very conflicted character. Liz believes that she’s done her very best… But wonders if maybe that’s simply not good enough. Liz is a card-carrying member of the Betty Crocker club, a gardener, decorator, artist, and a bit of a busybody. But if there’s one thing she excels at, it’s throwing a fabulous party.

I’ve put together a Pinterest board that Liz would be proud of. Grab some friends, order Little Broken Things, and then plan a themed book club evening! Books, wine, friends… What could be better?! I hope you find some inspiration on Liz Sanford’s Party Pinterest board. And if you DO have a book club party for Little Broken Things, snap some photos and tag me! I’d love to send you some swag.

xoxo – Nicole

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