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I have a confession: I take my blog too seriously. I’m not such a serious person, but for some reason when I blog I feel like it has to be weighty or profound. And it’s hard coming up with things that are weighty and profound when your life consists (mostly) of playing peek-a-boo with a sixteen-month old and stressing out about a birthday party with 18 second graders as the guests of honor. Yikes!

Anyway, in the midst of all the cupcakes and tissues (my baby is teething and therefore a fountain of snot), I realized that it has been a long time since I’ve blogged. And then I thought, “But I don’t have anything deep to say.” And then I thought, “So what?” I just want to pop in and say, hi. I can do that, can’t I?

Well, it’s my blog and I say yes. So, hi. 😉 I’m going to try to be a more regular (and sometimes less serious) poster. And in the spirit of lightheartedness, I’m going to share a few photos that I snapped today of things that make me smile right now. Enjoy!

My hubby brought me flowers and wine this week. Who wouldn’t smile about that?

We’ve lived in our house for well over a year, and my big entryway has been a blank slate for all that time… Until this weekend. After weeks (months?) of plotting and planning, Aaron and I finally decorated the wall in a giant photo collage. There are handmade frames crafted from reclaimed barn wood, a black and white wedding photo, a clock that has personal significance to me, and a couple of antiques, all amid current pictures of my gorgeous kids. I don’t smile when I walk past it — I grin.

The sun is shining on my favorite chair, and thanks to the recommendations of my Facebook friends I can finally curl up in it with a good book! That’s enough to make me positively buoyant.

Your turn people! What’s bringing a smile to your face this lovely Wednesday?

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