Key Lake, Minnesota

Friends! We’re TWO WEEKS from the publication of Little Broken Things! I’m so very excited! And nervous and happy and a little scared and, well, probably every emotion you can imagine. There’s lots to do and lots to share, and I’m sure I’ll forget important things along the way. But Pinterest. I can’t forget Pinterest. šŸ˜‰

One of the things that I do to get my heart and mind in book-writing mode is create several Pinterest boards. They are a way for me to enter my setting, get a feel for my characters, and really “get into” my books. Usually I keep these boards private, but over the next couple of weeks I’m going to invite you in!

Today, I want to welcome you to Key Lake, Minnesota, the setting for Little Broken Things. Key Lake doesn’t exist, not really, but in my imagination it’s a cross between Lake Shetek in southern Minnesota and New Ulm. Think charming lakeside small town… Read Little Broken Things and you’ll be transported to late summer in the Midwest: plenty of sunshine, the scent of sunscreen, and some dark secrets hidden just below the surface. Here’s the link, friends! I hope you take a peek! And I hope you enjoy your first taste of Key Lake.

xoxo – Nicole

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  • Nicole,
    This book is amazing. I had so many intentions of cleaning and running errands; but I can not put the book down! Brilliant…. how does it end?

  • I just finished your book, and I loved it. On May 10, I am the facilitator for your beautifully written book. Do you have any suggestions other than your discussion questions at the end of the book? Much of your story was my life. I recently lost my sister who was my motherā€™s favorite. My sister was my motherā€™s favorite because she was beautiful and followed my motherā€™s wishes. I was more like Nora.
    However, my sister, who was just 76 when she passed, had 38 years of a beautiful life but 38 years suffering of her bi-polar condition, loss of her husband who had Huntingtonā€™s Disease, had Parkinsonā€™s Disease, had her
    adopted daughter legally divorce her mother, and died penniless. I had to be there to take care of her needs as well as my parents. My life has been very fulfilling, even though my husband and I have a daughter with cerebral
    palsy who is beautiful, educated, and my best friend. Presently, we are writing her story for all the children who are different but still ā€œHandicapableā€. Thank you for reading my
    comments and for giving me a great book to share with my book club.

    • Oh, Ann. What a story. I love that your daughter is “Handicapable.” That’s so beautiful. It means the world to me that you connected with Little Broken Things. If you would like, I’d love to join your book club via Skype. Just send me an email at: if you’re interested. Wishing you all the best!

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