Intro #2: Anita Hughes

The party continues this week with the lovely and talented Anita Hughes, the first person who deigned to endorse SLEEPING IN EDEN. Can I just tell you how agonizing it is to send out your book baby to people you really admire and hope (pray?) that they don’t hate it? I hardly dared to dream that they would like it, much less love it and say such nice things about it! But Anita was there at the very beginning and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that she read so quickly and endorsed so eagerly. She soothed all my fears with just a few little words. Darling woman.


I have to admit that I didn’t know Anita, nor had I read her work, before I met her online. But her kind and selfless spirit quickly spoke for itself as I saw her encouraging other authors and being a cheerleader for their accomplishments, big and small. She reached out to me almost immediately and made me feel welcome in an online world that honestly left me a little bewildered. You gotta love a heart like that. Anyway, after “meeting” Anita I had to check out her books–and I fell for MONARCH BEACH, her debut novel and a Target Emerging Authors Pick. It’s a fun, beachy read that has a lot of heart. Just like Anita. I can’t wait to dig into her newest offering, MARKET STREET, and the upcoming LAKE COMO. Love the cover. You can find Anita on Facebook and Twitter. Happy reading!

What Anita had to say about SLEEPING IN EDEN:

“Sleeping in Eden mesmerized me from the first heart-stopping page. Nicole Baart draws her characters beautifully while crafting a plot that kept me up all night. A highly emotional and gripping read.”

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