Interview with Lisa McKay

I struggled with how to write the title for this blog post. Lisa is actually featuring an interview with me, but since she asked the questions, I also did an interview with Lisa, right? Sorry, I have a headache and my brain is mush. Plus I have to gear up for my first ever brick in preparation for my first ever triathalon. Granted, it’s a tri-sprint which is really a mini-triathalon, but a 1/4 mile swim followed by a 15 mile bike and then a 5k run still sounds pretty intimidating to me. What have I gotten myself into?!? And just where is this random paragraph going?!?

Time to start fresh. I’m not really blogging here today, just popping in to say that my dear friend and all-around classy, fabulous, talented, gorgeous woman Lisa McKay is graciously hosting me on her site today. Check out her Interview with Author Nicole Baart in which I reveal my deepest, darkest secrets and admit to a near obsessive addiction to… Just kidding. I’m not obsessively addicted to anything except for smooching my baby. His cheeks are raw. Oh, and maybe dark chocolate with sea salt. And chips n’ salsa. There might be a few more. Grrr.

Anyway, pop over and check it out! Don’t forget to say “hi” to Lisa for me while you’re there!

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