Incommunicado. AWOL. Maybe even incognito? I’ve been missing. Pardon me? I have a blog? Oh yeah…

Sorry about that, people. It’s been a lovely, busy spring filled with wonderful little boys, lots of time outside, and oh yes, editing. Anyway, I’m far-faraway, but must pop in to tell you about some giveaways and a fabulous lady who is featuring FAR FROM HERE on her blog today. I must be dedicated… I’m writing this blog poolside on my i-Phone because I can’t get Internet reception on my computer!

Want to win some free books? Here’s what you have to do. Leave a comment below. Pretty easy, wouldn’t you say? You can also pop on over to my Facebook page (the link is to the right) like it, and leave a comment there. I’ll be doing two drawings for a set of two books, FAR FROM HERE and AFTER THE LEAVES FALL the book that started it all.

And don’t forget to stop by Rachelle Gardener’s blog and say hi!

I’ll leave you with a photo of me and the handsome man I married at the airport on our way somewhere warm and romantic. I’m downright giddy! And before any lurking crazies get any ideas about our house and home, let me assure you that the people who are caring for/rabidly guarding our home and children are Jedi Knights or Kung-Fu masters or something equally terrifying and won’t hesitate to hang you by your toenails until mama and papa bear (that’s us!) come home to lay the hurt. Capiche?

To all you non-crazies, love and hugs. Leave a comment! 🙂

K, can’t figure out how to upload a pic. You’ll have to check out my Facebook page for that. I DO know how to upload to Facebook!

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