Giveaway #2

Happy Thursday, everyone!

It’s been another exciting week… Kid chaos and Christmas cookie baking and all the regular stuff, plus I spent a couple of days this week filming a commercial — something I NEVER thought I’d do and that I am now happy I haven’t previously done. It was super fun. A little monotonous (and I felt like a tool from time to time), but I gotta tell you: I get jazzed around creative people. It absolutely feeds me and it was pure joy for me to be a part of all the excitement. From the make-up artist to the creative director to the cameramen, everyone took part in the artistic vision and worked out of their passions to craft something meaningful. It felt like writing a book with a team… Only it was a commercial, not a book. And I didn’t really participate in the “writing” — I just did what they told me to do. Anyway, it was a ball. Something I would absolutely do again. Hollywood, here I come. (HA! And I mean a huge: HA!)

But, back to my real job: writing books. And hopefully convincing you to read my books, fall in love with them, recommend them to your friends, post excellent reviews about them, and start a grass roots sensation! Or just read them. Either way. 😉

Today I’m hosting another giveaway… With a couple of little twists. First of all, you have to go to my Facebook Page to sign up. You can follow the link at the right of my blog, or just click on the words: Facebook Page. Leave a comment on my wall, or post it below my contest announcement. Either way, I’ll find it. Second, this week I’ll be giving away Far From Here and my debut novel After the Leaves Fall. My writing journey began with Julia, and what can I say? She’s my girl. I’d love for you to meet her… Or I’d love to give you a chance to introduce her to someone who doesn’t know her. Can you say Christmas gift? Finally, if you’ve already won a book from me, your ineligible for this new giveaway. As for the rest of you, same rules apply as last time — the more you post the more entries you get.

Good luck, everyone! I’ll see you over on my Facebook page… And back here on Monday when I reveal the winner. Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂

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