Free Download!

Good morning, all!

I’m popping in this morning to let you know that my debut novel After the Leaves Fall is available as a FREE Kindle download! This is a limited time offer and a great way to sample my writing no strings attached. Please pass the link along on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you can (and would be willing to) spread the news! I’d love to reach the #1 spot for free Kindle downloads. I guess that would make my book a number one bestgiveawayer. Hey, it’s not much, but I aspire to it all the same. 😉

Have an awesome Monday! I’ll be back on Wednesday to continue the conversation about simplicity… I’m excited to talk about the second part of my personal epiphany: we’re too hard on each other. I’ll explain what I consider to be the difference between assumptions and expectations and share a time that I blew it, big time. Who doesn’t want to hear a personal confession? In the meantime, get yourself a free download… And then when you love the book to bits you can go buy the next two in the series! He-he-he!


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