Far From Here at Costco!

Just had to pop in today to share this gorgeous photo. My friend, Susan Meissner, sent it my way, and it absolutely made my day! I know, I know, a stack of books? But you’ve got to keep in mind, I live in a small town. An itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy (yellow polka dot bikini, anyone?) town where the only places you can buy books are at the local Christian book store or Wal-Mart. And the book section at my Wally World leaves a little lot to be desired (you have two options: an Amish romance or a bodice ripper). So although Far From Here has been out for exactly a month (today is my book baby’s one month birthday!), I have yet to see it in a store. Yup, you read that right: I’ve never seen it on a bookshelf other than my own. Thus the heart-thumping, unadulterated joy at Susan’s sweet little cell phone picture. Ah, bliss.

Want to make my week? Take a photo of Far From Here wherever you come across it (Barnes & Noble, your local bookstore, on your nightstand ;-)) and post it on my Facebook page. I wonder how many places I can see it online before I have the pleasure of seeing it in person.

Oh! And don’t forget to hop over to SheReads and register for a chance to win a signed book and a gift certificate to Sephora. Sephora, people! I could blow a hundred bucks there in a New York minute. 😉

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