Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

So we needed a little mid-winter pick-me-up…

Best $1.99 I’ve ever spent. I used 1/2 a skein of clearance red yarn and my boys played spies for nearly two hours. At the end of the obstacle course? A individual bag of Doritos (my fave) and a mini can of Fanta. They always beg me for junk food snacks after school, and I’m usually a stickler for healthy snacks. But yesterday I abandoned ants on a log (bananas with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips), sliced apples and caramel, and cheese sticks with crackers. I think they appreciated it.

Best part? After they were done being spies, they happily did their reading time and their homework. Of course, it was called “Extreme Reading” and “Extreme Homework.” My eldest wanted to do “Extreme Piano Practice” but we couldn’t get the piano to fit between the lasers.


Your turn! Any bright ideas to chase away the winter blues?

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