The party continues this week with the lovely and talented Anita Hughes, the first person who deigned to endorse SLEEPING IN EDEN. Can I just tell you how agonizing it is to send out your book baby to people you really admire and hope (pray?) that they don’t hate it? I hardly dared to dream that they would like it,

Happy May Day! And happy snow day (in some areas)! Gag, I know. Snow? Are you kidding me? I just re-learned how to shave my legs. It’s been a long winter, peeps. But, new month and fresh snow aside, happy May! I love May, truly I do. I graduated high school and college in May, married the love of my

I never quite know how to begin blog posts when I’ve been absent for a while. Howdy? My deepest apologies for dropping off the face of the earth? How’s it hanging? Maybe just a simple: Hello. *waving emphatically* I’m going to be honest with y’all up front and tell you that this post is part explanation, part plea, and part

Woo-hoo! I loves me a good PW review, and doubly so when the good review is about one of my book babies. As the biggest publishing industry trade journal, PW is known for their honest, anonymous reviews… And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hold my breath every time they evaluate one of my books. FAR FROM HERE

I have to start off my post this morning by making one thing clear: I am no expert. In, well, anything really. Ever heard the expression: jack of all trades, master of none? You’re looking at her. Or, rather, reading her words. But one of the questions that I get asked time and time again, is: How do you do

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there was this guy I liked. A lot. He liked me, too, or so I thought, and we spent a lot of time together. After several weeks (months?) of doing some very date-ish, boyfriend-girlfriend type stuff, I screwed everything up. Or maybe he did. You see, he had just kissed me

So we needed a little mid-winter pick-me-up… Best $1.99 I’ve ever spent. I used 1/2 a skein of clearance red yarn and my boys played spies for nearly two hours. At the end of the obstacle course? A individual bag of Doritos (my fave) and a mini can of Fanta. They always beg me for junk food snacks after school,

Last week I blogged for the first time in five months. I don’t know why I’ve been such a bad blogger… Sometimes I blame it on a busy schedule. Other times I simply can’t be bothered. But after a series of unfortunate incidents last week (see Watch Me post), I found myself longing to share my experience. Writing is how

It’s been a rough morning. Okay, a rough week. Month? Does it ever feel to you like Satan is screwing with your head? I backed out of the garage too fast this morning and nicked the bottom of the overhead door. It bent like a tin can, but not before ripping the spoiler off our van and pinning the vehicle