Day: July 31, 2015


I used to blog. A long time ago in another life. But my calendar says it was just a couple of years ago. Crazy, how time flies.

Life gets in the way of words, or maybe, words that have a deadline affixed to them take priority. Anyway, I stopped blogging, even though I liked it. I liked the connection I felt with people, the opportunity to think out loud, the way that readers seemed to gather around an idea and say, “Yeah, me too. I feel that way sometimes, too.” A good blog can be a place of fellowship, and I love blogs that welcome people with open arms. That feel like a little place of refuge amid a storm of stress and negativity and expectations and to-do lists a mile long.

to do list

Friends, I have four children, a career, a non-profit organization, a mountain of laundry, and a dog. I love to write, but I am not a professional blogger. I love to connect with people, but my time online is interspersed with cooking, carpooling, boo-boo kissing, and impromptu hockey games. Waxing poetic on current issues or the life of a writer or the foibles of my crazy darling brood is a luxury I cannot indulge. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

But I miss the community. I miss the way that we used to pause for just a moment and give each other a word of encouragement. A virtual hug.

So I’m back. Kind of. For one year, I’m going to be posting every Monday on all of my social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and right here. My goal is to make Mondays just a little less… well, Monday-ish. I don’t know about you, but my Mondays often need a bit of a jumpstart. Inspiration is at a low and start-of-the-week blahs are at a high. I could certainly use a little encouragement, inspiration, even delight to kick things off.


Starting next Monday (August 3) and for one calendar year (at least), tune in for #MuseMonday. Every Monday I’ll post a social media “button”–a picture and quote that I find moving, challenging, or uplifting. Why? Because sometimes I need to remind myself of what I do and why I do it. I was the girl in high school with Gibran scribbled across my notebook, Plath taped to my bathroom mirror, and Ghandi adorning the inside cover of my Spanish textbook. Oh, who am I kidding? I still love to write out quotes, trace those words as if they are runes, and make them my own. (All you closet nerds and poetry lovers out there: Can I get an AMEN?)

There’s one catch: #MuseMonday will include fresh content, unexpected innovations, and new voices. Tired of the same old, same old? I’ll be sharing ideas from writers who are making a difference today–and creating art that is both beautiful and transformative.

Want to join me for #MuseMonday? There are lots of ways to get involved. I’ll be posting the Cliff Notes on social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram). Or you can pop over here for a longer version (I’ll include a blog commentary on each piece and why it’s meaningful to me). You could share the graphic and tag me if you want to spread the love. And if you really want to heat things up, you can post your own encouragement on the hashtag #MuseMonday. We wordsmiths and lovers of language are always in the market for a glimmer of inspiration, aren’t we?

Thanks for joining me, friends. We’re in this thing together–and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Nicole, your biggest cheerleader