Day: December 10, 2010

Once Upon a Dream

I recently watched a cute movie (Morning Glory). It wasn’t anything I’ll remember forever, but it was nice. How’s that for a rave review? 😉 Anyway, though I’m likely to forget the movie, I don’t think I’ll ever forget a conversation that took place right at the beginning.

The main character, Becky, is talking to her mother. Becky has just lost her job producing a small morning television show, and instead of encouraging her, mommy dearest apparently feels it is her duty to strip Becky of her dreams.

Mom (about Becky’s life-long desire to be a big producer): “It was adorable when you were 8. Inspiring when you were 18. Now that you’re 28, it’s a little pathetic. Don’t let it become embarrassing.”

*Gasp!* It’s a stab to the heart! Can’t you just feel it? Now, I know Becky is a fictional character, but I wanted to crawl through the screen and give her a hug. To say, “Don’t you listen to that nasty woman. She’s so wrong. Dreams are never embarrassing.” Well, I guess I can’t make a blanket statement like that. If I still clung to my childhood fantasy of rock-stardom, that would be rather pathetic. But Becky’s dream was realistic to me… She was working in her field, doing everything in her power to translate her dream into reality. It didn’t seem so far-fetched to me.

Anyway, that conversation got me thinking about dreams. About those tightly held aspirations we secret away in places where we sometimes pretend they don’t exist. (Because we’re scared? Embarrassed? Worried about what people would say or think?) I’m happy to say that many of my life dreams have come true. I’m married to an amazing man, I have three gorgeous children, and I’m writing books (something I still have to pinch myself about from time to time). But that doesn’t mean I’ve run out of dreams. It only means I get to dream bigger.

I confessed to you all a few days ago, but these admissions are even harder than divulging that I bite my fingernails. Yikes! Here goes… I would like to live overseas someday. I want to own a horse. I’d love to win an award for my writing. I long to see my boys grow into strong, godly, kind-hearted men. I want to watch Liberia transform before my eyes, and for the children in the orphanage we support to grow into leaders and reformers in their land…

Your turn: I don’t care how old you are, your dreams are never pathetic or embarrassing. Care to share? Even a little one?