Day: November 30, 2010

About Girls in White

No, this isn’t a blog for girls who happen to love the color white. Nor is it a place primarily for women. To me, the heart of my blog centers around an unyielding optimism, the belief that though life is messy I refuse to stop wearing white. Even if those pristine sleeves are snot-stained from my kids or the darkened collar bears witness to my own failures and shortcomings. Here is where I embrace the reality of my messed up world, but continue to find transcendence and truth in moments of hope. Welcome to a place where light pierces the shadows and beauty is found in brokenness. And, of course, where we can talk about writing and faith and parenthood and food and the world and books and family and, well, pretty much anything.

Thanks for reading.


Isaiah 61:1-3