2010 in Review

Happy New Year!

I know, I know, the new year is already old news. But I’m just coming up for air and realizing that I can’t write 2010 on my checks anymore. Not that I write so many checks, but you know what I mean. 2010? Seriously? I feel so old… and strangely anxious. Isn’t the world supposed to end soon? 😉

Anyway, I realize this is so cliche (everybody’s doing it!), but I have to take a few minutes and reflect on the past year. I just have to. I’m a creature of habit, not to mention a firm believer in the value of meditating on where I’ve been. And, oh, what a journey…

In 2010 I…

  • signed a new book contract with a new publishing house
  • completed my fifth book (Beneath the Night Tree–releasing soon!)
  • completed my sixth book (Far From Here–I’m still tweaking; more on this soon)
  • gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little boy that has stolen my heart, my time, and sometimes my sanity (I don’t mind one bit!)
  • celebrated my eldest son’s seventh birthday and my middle son’s 4th (sniff-sniff)
  • traveled to Alaska for book research and Lake Shetek, Minnesota for a week of family fun in the sun
  • gave myself approximately 240 injections (to help sustain my pregnancy)–something I never thought I’d have the courage to do
  • wept with my husband over the decision to quit pastoring at Bridge of Hope and accept the position of Dean of Chapel at Dordt College (of course, we’ve celebrated this change, too!)
  • single-parented three kids for over two weeks while Aaron traveled to Liberia for our non-profit (One Body One Hope)
  • said goodbye to our sweet, first home and moved into something with a bit more space
  • mourned the loss of my stillborn nephew
  • watched my good friend battle cancer and emerge victorious
  • experienced a lifetime–or at least, felt like I did

Yikes, what a year it has been! So full of change, but so, so good. God is so good. Life is so good. Mmmm… even the coffee I’m drinking is pretty darn good. Did I mention I love a new year?

Your turn: What was the highlight of your 2010?


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